808Talk Episode #4 – SecondHand Sin

Today’s podcast was a little bit of a different format in which we used it as a means to promote an up and coming local rock band from Oahu. The band SecondHand Sin was featured today and we were privilaged to be able to play two of their original hits. You can hear “BedLight” and “Slow Gun” in today’s podcast and you can check out more of their music along with a schedule of live performances at their site (http://www.secondhandsin.com). We hit focus on a few news events concerning UH, one of which was a warning about the attempted kidnapping last week and the other concerns the actions of a former employee who was able to get to more than 150,000 individual’s personal information which may have possibly led to identity theft. In today’s podcast you may also notice that I was the only one hosting due to J. “BigDaddy” Plummer having prior commitments with work and family, but he assures me that next week he will be back. Overall I hope you enjoy today’s podcast and if you like the different format and the featured band, feel free to send us an email or post a comment.

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Listen: 808Talk Episode #4 – 06/19/2005 (28.1MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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One Response to “ 808Talk Episode #4 – SecondHand Sin ”

  1. This is the first podcast that I’ve heard from you guys, I LOVE the music in the intro! The beginning of the song Bedlight was a little bit 80′s love ballad to me, but then when the rest of the instruments kicked it… I was like, “wow”. I think its cool that you’re showcasing some local band and getting their sound out there. That’s really cool.

    They’re a pretty good band.


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