808Talk Episode #11 – UH Games Go Dry?

Started off today using our original intro music which a lot of listener’s requested. In the news was talk of UH games going dry, the 9th Circuit Court rules against the Kamehameha Schools admission policy, and the National Guardsmen need some Aloha from you. The events we meantioned on today’s show are courtesy of HawaiiEventsOnline.com and included the World Tour of Led Zepplica coming to Pipeline Cafe on August 20, and the Kawao CD Release party going on the same night at Don Ho’s In Aloha Tower. Every Sunday (8PM) you can check out the Chop Suey Comedy Show at Jackie Chan’s Kitchen in Ala Moana Center. Our featured music today was “Hawaiian Song” by a not so local group called MBDricks in Greeley, CO. We read out some listener email from Steve and Jolene and finished it off with some podcast plugs for Exit50.com, J!-Ent Radio PodCast and Planet Japan. The last item was news about an 808Talk appearance/party at Ocean Club on September 3, 2005. If you contact us early you might just get lucky and hook a spot on our personal guestlist for Ocean Club that night. As always thanks for hittin’ us up and have a great week!

Today’s podcast plugs are:
UH Fans Face Dry Season?
9th Circuit Court Kamehameha Schools Decision
National Guardsmen Need Aloha
MBDricks – (MBDricks @ MySpace)
J!-Ent Radio PodCast
Planet Japan
808Talk Party @ Ocean Club – (Ocean Club)

Thanks again for tuning in to 808Talk.

Listen: 808Talk Episode #11 – 08/07/2005 (23.5MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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2 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #11 – UH Games Go Dry? ”

  1. Fun show! Good to get the brass sting back – wakes you up! Sorry we missed you on Wednesday, but thanks for the mention, and we’ll certainly connect soon. The Ocean Club confab sounds cool (too cool for a tired ol’ dad like me)… make sure to sign up some ‘Hunnies!’

  2. Hey guys
    Its the MBDricks, we just wanted to say thanks for puting our song on your radio station. And we were wondering if you have played it more then once.

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