808Talk Episode #13 – Tired, Tired, Tired…

First let’s just say that BigDaddy and myself were both very very tired today! We were happy to feature Misty Pang as our local music artist and we managed to play two of her songs titled “Scars” and “GoodBye”. We started off the show with news about the recent Lost DVD Party that kicked off the release of the first season available on DVD. In other news be aware that traffic on Oahu gets busy starting tomorrow, Monday August 22, with nearly 40,000 students heading back to school. Also we discuss the difference between the brake and gas pedal due to a recent crash of a vehicle into a local McDonald’s Restaurant. Coming up this weekend is the car show that kicks off Friday and we sadly announce that the Sept. 3 808Talk Party has been postponed due to a schedule conflict with another event we must attend. We share information about a few new songs that we have recently added to our favorite tunes, and talk about the ending of summer in the Hawaiian Islands. Shoutouts to the 808Riders and Audi Hawaii close out the show and hints on a possible on the road podcast next week are discussed. Once again thank you so much for tuning into 808Talk and we hope you will continue to help us make this Hawaii’s number one podcast. Aloha and have a wonderful week in your part of the world!

Today’s podcast plugs are:
Misty Pang
Lost DVD Party – (Buy Lost DVD Season 1)
40,000 Students Cause Traffic Nightmare
Car Crash Into McDonalds
Audi Hawaii

Thanks again for tuning in to 808Talk.

Listen: 808Talk Episode #13 – 08/21/2005 (24.4MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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