808Talk Episode #19 – Big Kahuna Local Grinds

Wow! Jim () returns and today we feature music from Danyo Cummings who has some wonderful talent. Getting into news this week we meantion the StuntFest on Oct. 8th and also talk about the news of a stabbing at a local nightclub and discuss the news about Michelle Wie going the pro route which comes as a surprise. BigDaddy elaborates more on his run in with the law which has had him away from the show these past few weeks and announces his new venture, a Agency called the “Dolce Divas“. We talk about the awesome turnout for the Push America fundraiser that our partners at SomersetChat PodCast pulled off last Thursday and our location of focus this week was a Local Kine Grinds place called Big Kahuna’s who is not only in the Islands, but also in . We had to once again beg, I mean remind our listener’s to please, please for us at PodCastAlley.com since it is a new month. There is a new here in the Islands called “The DoctorTrey.com PodCast” which we feel is awesome and encourage our listener’s to give them a visit. Next week will be our 2oth show anniversary and we hope to do a small recap of our journey so far here at . We once again thank all our loyal listener’s for tuning in each and every week to 808Talk and we challenge you to tell at least one new person about 808Talk this week and help us spread the ! Have a great week.

Today’s podcast plugs are:
Danyo Cummings
StuntFest on Oct. 8th @ HRP
1 Stabbed At Local Night Club – 2 U.S. Marines Are Suspects
Michelle Wie Turning Pro
Dolce Divas Modeling Agency
Big Kahuna’s (Menu In .PDF Format)
Vote For 808Talk @ PodCastAlley.com
The DoctorTrey.com PodCast
Somerset Chat PodCast
Push America

Thanks again for tuning in to 808Talk.

Listen: 808Talk Episode #19 – 10/02/2005 (26.5MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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3 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #19 – Big Kahuna Local Grinds ”

  1. Great show boys! I appreciate the plugs on Somersetchat.com. I hope that you received a bunch of e-mail from those that attended the Push America pageant. It was a blast! The last head count that I received was over 300 people that attended the event. Thanks for everything that you all do for us over here and keep up the good work!

  2. I listened on the plane coming back from Ohio to Dallas. Thanks for the Aloha. I have an Mp3 file for you. Keep up the good work. SO Big Daddy got in to it with a cop? I was thinking DWI. Same thing only worse.
    I have to go vote for you.

  3. MUCH MAHALOS to you guys for repping the music!!! i had no idea.. i’m very grateful and i’m glad u folks feeling the music. MAHALO 808TALK! no wonder so many people have been checking out my MySpace!


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