808Talk Episode #21 – Kimo Watanabe

Today’s show was dedicated more to featuring a musician named Kimo Watanabe who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, but has many ties to . We introduced three songs by Kimo in hopes that his amazing talent could be heard throughout the world. Although my co-host Jim was not able to be here again today due to his recent involvement with the law, I was able to call him up via and give him a little harassment and let you, the listener’s, hear what he is doing on this while I was holding down the show. I meantioned it in the opener of today’s show that we would discuss the , but unfortunately I kind of sort of forgot to say anything so therefore you’ll have to read the link in the bottom of this show notes entry to learn all about that if your interested. Jim continued to ask for models in his new venture called the Dolce Divas and I talked about the upcoming PodCast Expo that is taking place next month in , . In the news we informed everyone about the Yahoo PodCast Directory and gave hint as to our new mobile, on the road, podcasting that should be taking place here shortly. Once again Jim pleaded for email’s and now phone calls so be sure and hit him up by going to the 808Talk Host Page. I wanted to remind everyone that they can call us via Skype at username “” or at our 808Talk Hotline @ (206) 350-2668. I wanted to give a big to Jim’s kids for being such good sports during our phone conversation and remind all our listener’s to click on over to and give us a vote for the month of . I thank you once again for your loyal support and hope you will stop by again next week to catch some more action.

Today’s podcast plugs are:
Kimo Watanabe (Kimo Watanabe @ MySpace.com)
11th Annual Keiki Hula Festival
Dolce Divas
PodCast Expo In Ontario, California
Yahoo PodCast Directory
Contact The Hosts Of 808Talk

Thanks again for tuning in to 808Talk.

Listen: 808Talk Episode #21 – 10/16/2005 (26.7MB)

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J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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