808Talk Episode #22 – An Early Sunday Morning

on an early morning here in , Hawaii. I decided to kick the show off at the break of dawn due to some other things I have to do today. The music featured today was by of -, who is originally from , . I did today’s show completely unscripted and solo. It has appeared that lately my listener base has been dropping off. Not sure why this is, but if you have any comments concerning this issue please be sure and email us at 808Talk@gmail.com. In the news I talked about gambling in Hawaii and how even internet is illegal. I also discussed the special project that 808Talk and the DoctorTrey.com podcast have ongoing to gather questions from Guy Cruz fans so that it can be used for an upcoming album that wants to use to get upclose and personal with his fans. In the podcasting world I recommend a new I found called JoshInJapan. This podcast details the life of a in Japan. Well I want to thank all my loyal listener’s who still continue to download the show. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions be sure to send us an email or call us on the @ (206) 350-2668. I want to thank PodCastPUP.com for making today’s show possible. Have a wonderful week and !

Intro Music By The Autumn Addicts

Today’s podcast plugs are:
Seishi @ MySpace.com
Gambling In Hawaii
Guy Cruz

Thanks again for tuning in to 808Talk.

Listen: 808Talk Episode #22 – 10/23/2005 (22.3MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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7 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #22 – An Early Sunday Morning ”

  1. Ummmm Dude…rule number 1. No matter how lame you think you’re doing, never tell your listeners how lame you’re doing. Much less twice.

    Get a new co-host and move on. That’s how life works

  2. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Jeff. I just love doing the podcast thing. So no matter what, it’s something I love and will continue to do. Thanks for listening.

  3. I agree. Cheer up V. Listening to the last show was kind of a drag. I almost didn’t get through the whole thing after the 2nd mention of lost listeners and what not.

    You’re living in Hawaii brah, what’s not to be happy about!

  4. V.Brown the show is awesome! Don’t ever think that someone out here isn’t enjoying the talk from beautiful Hawaii! Keep doing what you do!

  5. Aloha, All I know some of you might think I maybe gone but I am not. I have just ran into a bit of personal problems and haven’t been here to support to much lately. Well hopefully that will change soon. To my buddy and best friend V. Brown thanks for holding the fort down and don’t you get all down on me…… The show was fine and you did what you had to do. So no worries…….
    Peace and Blessings to all the listeners,

  6. Hey its Jim! Hurry yo ass back! And stay out of trouble with the 5-0 braddah! I’ve got a suggestion for your listener’s page. You guys should check out http://www.frappr.com/ It would be pretty cool to see where everyone listens from on a map.

  7. Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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