808Talk Episode #40 – Lokahi-ONE / U2 Hawaii

We at 808Talk support ONE and Lokahi-ONE and today we were honored to be able to talk with Hans van Leeuwen about the initiative that will take place at the concert in , on April 8th, 2006. We also feature new music and meantion some updates from past show topics. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

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Show Length: 32:14

Listen: 808Talk Episode #40 – 02/26/2006 (29.5MB)

V.Brown a.k.a. 808Rider
J. “BigDaddy” Plummer

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8 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #40 – Lokahi-ONE / U2 Hawaii ”

  1. Aloha from Belgium,

    Just listened to the podcast (number40) with Hans Van Leeuwen. I’m one of the people involved in the campaign for the U2-show in Hawaii. Ran one myself here in Brussels and made that banner shortly after that.
    Many of those who campaigned and/or carried the banner during this tour will be in Hawaii, working our way through the GA-line to spread the word, to inform people about the causes and hopefully have a few fill in the sign up form right there. It’s gonna be quite awesome to be all together, as we live shattered all over this planet. An amazing opportunity for us to meet, hug, work and let’s not forget : celebrate ! :-)

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you so much for your support, for having Hans on the radio. He’s been working very very hard these past few weeks, setting things up for Hawaii. It’s great his efforts are rewarded and he gets a chance to take things further.
    So far, about 100.000 Hawaiians have signed up to ONE. We hope our efforts can help increase that number. Africa has a tsunami a month, we just do what we can to have that in the news. We need people to know, to care. to join !

    Bless you for helping us

  2. Thank you so much for giving Hans the opportunity to talk about the Lokahi-ONE initiative for the U2 concert in April. It is through people like you that this ONE message is able to continue to spread and gain support, so that one day extreme poverty will be history.

    This ONE fan initiative began at the U2 show in Vancouver and Brussels and has travelled across to the States, back over to Europe, returning to Canada, through the States again, over to Mexico, South America, Australia, Japan and ending up in Hawaii! Thousands of fans have donned white ONE t-shirts or raised banners high to show our support for the ONE/Make Poverty History Campaign and your support is greatly appreciated!

    BTW I thought the DJ did an excellent job at guiding the interview and making sure everything was covered.

    Thanks so much!
    Jacquie B.
    Vancouver Canada

  3. I just wanted to thank you for having Hans on the show and doing the interview about the Hawaii One campaign during the U2 show. I listened to it this morning and found the questions posed to be concise and well thought out and the amount of time given to Hans to be more than enough for him to explain what is happening before and during the concert. Thank you for taking the time to include this in your schedule. I’m very pleased to be able to provide a link to listen, to other people as well.

    Donna Mair
    Vancouver Canada

  4. Mahalo for featuring the Lokahi/One campaign on the podcast. Many U2 fans from all over the world have become involved in ONE.org and a group of them will be at the April 8 concert at Aloha Stadium. We need more volunteers to hand out the signs and to get the word out about ONE.org. Thank you for helping us to spread the word.

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  5. Thanks for giving the opportunity to speak about the ONE campaign.
    I’m new in this campaign. I always know that something very sad and bad happens in Africa. Knowing is not enough : NOW i want ACT. It is why i join the ONE campaign! I hope many people will join thanks to this interview and through your help.

  6. Your generous energy continues V. Thanks for the shout out to Beach Walks too. I’ve mentioned you in my upcoming show, plus added Lokahi One to the show notes. Aloha!

  7. Thank you so much for extending an invitation to our fearless leader, Hans. He has done so much to move this idea forward as both a way to galvanize interest and support for the One campaign and give a heart-felt thank-you to Bono and U2 for their work to make poverty history. Thanks for your interest and support. Please stop by and say hello on April 8th — we’ll be the people in the white U2 shirts handing out signs outside the stadium.

  8. Beach Walk #10 – You, Me and Success

    E komo mai to show number 10 of Beach Walks with Rox. A glimmer of sun today! I continue the discussion from yesterday as I work on sorting out my personal experience from all those durn books out there telling me how to be successful.

    Watch this vi…

    …Mahalo again to Vernon at 808Talk for sharing our show with his listeners. We’ve added his cool promo to this video podcast.

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