808Talk Episode #48 – Hawaiian Monk Seals

Since yesterday was I wanted to bring to attention the which are becoming extinct more and more each day. Also another year of the wraps up this weekend and news of an is talked about and what you should know if you are a and visiting the . As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

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Show Length: 27:08

Listen: 808Talk Episode #48 – 04/23/2006 (24.9MB)


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6 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #48 – Hawaiian Monk Seals ”

  1. Hey V,
    Just had to make a comment about the smoking ban. I’m not a smoker, except for an occasional cigar, so I have no problem with the idea of a smoking ban. But I have to say it seems pretty hypocritical when I remember driving by the cane fields on Maui afer harvest and seeing the huge cluods of smoke rolling off of those fields after they burn them clean. I realize it’s not the same as the carcinogenic smoke of cigarettes, but if you have asthma it’s probably not any easier on you than second hand smoke.
    Steve S

  2. Hey, I just noticed today that your website does not show up if you put “808 talk” (with or without the quotes) in Google. The top result…that Vox Monitor review….

    Anyway, great show once again. Merrie Monarch is a great thing to watch, but even better to watch on TiVo. I think the best part is when the competition is over and the dancers are just dancing for fun….

    My suggestions for the upcoming shows: May Day, Boy’s Day, Memorial Day.

    Great show. Look forward to next week….

  3. Jerm,

    I know what you mean that when doing a search for “808 talk” in Google does not bring us up, maybe because we mostly write 808Talk as one word. Thanks for pointing that out, because now I can work on getting that keyword “808 talk” to pull us up as the top listing when someone does a search. Also thanks for the comments and the show topic recommendations I will definately take into consideration. Aloha…

  4. V, I know what you mean about the Hawaiian weather. I live in Texas, the 70 and 80 degree weather (during our brief spring)we have here is entirely different that the weather I experienced while I was in Hawaii. The cool gentle winds and the misting that seems to come from no where. I really miss it and can’t wait to experience it again. Thanks for your Podcast, I really look forward to it every week. It’s a reminder of paradise here in baren west Texas. Aloha

  5. i’ve been listening to your show since number 1 and even though I cant always play it immediately, I like to pick it up during the week. It’s a great show and I enjoy hearing about life and current events on the islands – it takes me away for a bit. Because of your podcast and other ones like Beachwalks with Rox and hawaii Surf Session Report, I was recently looking at coming out there for a bit of a holiday, but the prices from the UK were a bit steep at that time… I cant wait to be there though… im not sure I would be so eager if it werent for such great podcasts.

    All the best for the shows and the upcoming number 52.

  6. A smoking ban in Hawaii… just another factor to make this State even more perfect in my estimation. Well, other than the fact that it’s nearly impossible to afford living out there.

    NJ Guys last blog post..Sea Isle City in the Fall

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