808Talk Episode #49 – Waikiki SPAM Jam

It was time again and no we are not talking about the pesky email type. We had a great time at the 4th Annual and we thought we would share with you a little sound tour of the festivities. In addition to that we also bring you the sights over at the new 808Talk . As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By The Autumn Addicts
Sponsored By PodcastPUP

Show Length: 21:41

Listen: 808Talk Episode #49 – 04/30/2006 (19.9MB)


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2 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #49 – Waikiki SPAM Jam ”

  1. CONGRATS on the NY Times thingie
    way to go, man

  2. podcast #50 is late!!!! or maybe its the time zone difference.. haha! keep up the good work I have sth on michelle wie

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