808TTV E.3 – Polynesian Experience

You can experience the feel, culture and love of Polynesia at the Polynesian Culture Center. From Samoa, To Tonga, To New Zealand, get a glimpse of the Polynesian life where simple things are the true core and happiness of all. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Video Length: 10:46 (62.8MB)

BG Music:
Hi’ilawe – Kaimoku

Watch: 808TTV E.3 – 05/22/2006

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6 Responses to “ 808TTV E.3 – Polynesian Experience ”

  1. I missed this on my trip! Thanks for the Vod of the Culture Center. Looks like a really cool time. I’ll definetely check it out next time i’m there.


  2. in the part of this video where the japanese guy is learning how to play the drums and he says “are you ready, in japanese”, itunes shuts down and i cant finish the video. i dont know if its my computer or the video but it is the only one with a problem so if you could re-post it or somthing it might help. ill try to fix it on my own if you dont feel like re-posting it. thanks. the video is great by the way.

  3. Kevin, I’ll check the file again, but I can’t seem to reproduce the problem you are having. You might need to delete your copy and then download again, but I take another look also on my side. Thanks for the great comments and glad to see other’s are enjoying the video’s of Hawaii.

  4. i did that and it seems to work fine now. thanks

  5. im fairly tech savvy and i have no idea why i didnt try that sooner. i had that problem with an old vodcast that i used to have and that time it was a corrupt file and the person had to replace it so i guess i thought that was the case with this. anyway, i love the show, but you already knew that. thanks

  6. Kevin, glad to see you got the full download. I have seen in the past that sometimes iTunes will timeout and then cut off a file or corrupt it. If that ever happens, the best thing to do is delete/clear the file in iTunes and then re-download it again. Well once again, I’m glad to hear you got it fully downloaded. Aloha.

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