808TTV E.6 – Lantern Floating Hawaii

The Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony uniquely combines the local culture of hula with the Japanese Shomyo Choir and Taiko drums. Relax your mind and observe a rare blending of cultures to honor and remember our ancestors and friends who have passed on to a better place. “It’s a ‘Human Thing.” Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Video Length: 03:22 (18.7MB)

BG Music:
Meditation – Darin Leong

Watch: 808TTV E.6 – 05/30/2006

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One Response to “ 808TTV E.6 – Lantern Floating Hawaii ”

  1. Aloha e Vernon! I see you were at Magic Island as well! The lantern ceremony is always a breathtaking sight. This year, we arrived early enough to send our own message out to sea. My vodcast episode is here!

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