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A beautiful journey to various places around the island of Oahu. I hope someday you too can experience this breath taking place of relaxation and beauty. Why wait, call up our friends at Hawaii Aloha Travel who are the experts in Hawaii Vacations and who can definately help you plan your escape to paradise. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

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Forever Mine – Kohala

Watch: 808TTV E.14 – 07/11/2006

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One Response to “ 808TTV E.14 – Aloha To You ”

  1. Aloha,

    I want to thank you for both your pod & videocasts.

    I have grown to love the Islands in the past 14 years since I 1st visited on my honeymoon. I will be returning this Oct for my ninth vacation visiting the various Islands. I will have stepped on 14 islands on those 9 vacations. Your Vodcast gives those not familiar with Hawaii a more personal view than travelogues. For those like me it keeps our memories fresh and let’s us know what happening and the mood.

    Not presuming to tell you what subjects to explore I would like to mention that sites like http://www.vthawaii.com/ can further let those who have not yet experienced Hawaii a more detailed look of what exists there especially if planning a trip and are looking for ideas on sites to see.

    If you are looking for suggestions, I would like to see you do a vod/podcast about Haiku Stairs which I’d like to experiece although my wife would never go with me.

    I tell people that Oahu is my favorite Island due to its diversity (except the traffic of course). Most look at me as though I am nuts. I always think of the Nuuanu Pali lookout or the lookout at Pu’u Ualakaa Park off of Tantulus Dr. for the 270 degree view of Diamond Head all the way to the airport.

    Keep up the good work as I anxiously await the next vod/podcasts.

    Rich Flowers

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