808Talk Episode #70 – Kauai Discovery

After just returning from the of , I share a little info about this beautiful green and feature brand new music from . As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By The Autumn Addicts
Sponsored By Hawaii Vacations by Hawaii Aloha Travel

Show Length: 36:49

Listen: 808Talk Episode #70 – 09/24/2006 (33.7MB)


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One Response to “ 808Talk Episode #70 – Kauai Discovery ”

  1. I agree that Kaua’i should be called the chicken island. I was surprised at all of the chickens all over the place. You can imagine all of the “chicken crossing the road” jokes. Talk about being done to death. :)

    I hope you also got to visit Poipu beach. Great surfing for a beginner like me. It was a blast!

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