808TTV E.28 – Hawaii’s Greatest King

King was truely Hawaii’s greatest King. His efforts helped to formally establish the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810. The original statue to honor this great King was sculpted in 1879 and is located in the North District of the . Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Video Length: 03:50 (21.4MB)

BG Music:
The Leaves Have Fallen – Darin Leong

Watch: 808TTV E.28 – 10/01/2006

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4 Responses to “ 808TTV E.28 – Hawaii’s Greatest King ”

  1. I like the “beware of falling cocunuts” sign – coming from NJ, it is very interesting!

  2. Kamehameha knew himself as Tamehameha. It is not correct to call someone Kamehameha when he signed his name as Tamehameha and referred to himself as Tamehameha. Everyone in his day called him Tamehameha. American missionaries changed his name to Kamehameha. Tamehameha was a cold-blooded murderer and killer of innocent Hawaiians and Polynesians and this is a historical fact. He united the islands through killing, bloodshed & warfare and was a colonialist just like any other colonialist. Let’s not try and whitewash history to make him look like a good person or a hero. He was just like Hitler. Tamehameha invaded sovereign nations and killed Hawaiians so he could establish his kingdom. He killed Hawaiians willfully and he is no better than hitler or mao. Europeans may have killed through disease but they never did it purposely like he did.

  3. I like hearing stories, but what I want to know is that, where are people like yourself getting this info, I also have more question’s about the polynesian triangle so, if you could help me out I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  4. @jd malama: Not sure where the info @Keave Tu Umu Arii is referencing came from. Hopefully a response with references will be posted.

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