808Talk Episode #73SE – Earthquake Update

Just a brief update on the that rattled the entire chain this morning. Power outages throughout all , complete blackout on the island of . Hardest hit with damage was the , . No casualties reported, and declares a . We are fortunate that no greater damage or loss of life was a result of this 6.6 earthquake. Thank all of you listeners out there that emailed and called to see if we were okay. I look forward to getting back to the normal show next week, so be sure and tune in. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Show Length: 4:47

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Listen: 808Talk Episode #73SE – 10/15/2006 (2.2MB)


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12 Responses to “ 808Talk Episode #73SE – Earthquake Update ”

  1. Aloha V! Just glad to hear all is well out there. Look forward to hearing more details of the events on the next episode.

  2. Heard about the earthquake and figured I’d check 808talk to see if anything was meantioned. Thanks for the update and most important is to hear that there was no loss of life due to the quake.

  3. Good to see everything’s good for you Vernon, It was like seeing my 2nd home on CNN yesterday. I’m really glad to see there hasn’t been any deaths or huge ammounts of damage.

  4. Hey buddy glad to hear you’re okay. Let me know if I can help in anyway with anything. You guys were the headline news all over the major networks here in the mainland. I’m relieved to hear my good buddy in Hawaii is okay. Keep up the hard work VSB!

  5. I have yet to experience an earthquake or any major natural disaster and hope I can always say I never had. Relieved to hear that people are okay, but I’m sure that disruption of normal life is still hard to experience. I still plan to visit Hawaii soon, hopefully next year. I appreciate your podcast each week and feel your aloha in each and every show. Thank you for bringing the aloha to me here in Minnesota.

  6. It was in the news about the earthquake in hawaii. We have many earthquake in japan and often a frighten experience. I enjoy your pod-cast and very happy to hear good news!

    Ja matte ne! =^.^=

  7. VERY glad to hear that you are aight…


  8. My sister is over there attending U of Hawaii. I heard about the earthquakes and wanted to make sure the area was alright where she is. I believe she is on your island so it makes me feel relieved to hear that only power was affected for you folks there. Nice to get an update straight from an island resident. Thank you for that and for the great shows V.Brown!

    San Diego, Cali

  9. Good to hear that it was only structural damage and no loss of life. Bet the power outage sucked, but could have been worse off than that.

  10. Hope your doing good after the earthquake and hope you can give us an update of the atermath on the next show. Mahalo for the special update. Being a transplant over here in Portland, it is always great to hear from you guys and what’s going on in the islands.

  11. Glad your okay V.Brown. Surprising that there is no backup system and that the entire island would lose power. I heard that there were a few more quakes since Sunday. Any new damage? Still no casualties? Thanks again and waiting for the next show.

  12. Been in a few earthquakes here on the west coast and know exactly how you guys must have felt on that morning. The news was buzzing with Hawaii this and Hawaii that on Sunday so I was thinking about you and hoping you weren’t near the source. Great to hear your voice, at least assures me that more 808 talk will be coming my way…LOL. Take care.

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