808TTV E.35 – An Electric Dive

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Join us as we take you under the sea to a spot off of on . Much to Nick P. who is one of the greatest dive guides, instructors, and in Hawaii. Interested in a ? Contact Nick P. and let him show you the best on Oahu. Plan a trip to Hawaii through our partner Expedia and check out some of the great diving that Hawaii has to offer. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

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Watch: 808TTV E.35 – 11/26/2006

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3 Responses to “ 808TTV E.35 – An Electric Dive ”

  1. thats really cool. i didnt get a chance to go scuba diving but i swam with sea turtles when i went snorkling. they really are amazing creatures. thanks for the video even though you made it awhile ago. i just watched it again today and it reminded me of how awesome my trip was. thanks.

  2. That was cool footage of the sea turtle. I am very concerned about protecting this endangered species.

  3. Yes, the sea turtles are an endangered species and in Hawaii are protected not only by Federal law, but also by State law. Check out some pics I took of sea turtles resting on a Big Island beach.


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