808TTV E.37 – Pearl Harbor 65 Years

Let us not forget the sacrifice that the men and women of our gave 65 years ago during the attack on . Today we remember and honor those who paid the ultimate price on that day. Each year survivors of both sides of the war come together in peace to pay tribute to those that still lie beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor in the . Plan a trip to Hawaii through our partner Hawaii-Aloha.com and see the final resting place of the brave men of the U.S.S. Arizona. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

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He Hoaaloha No – Darrell Aquino

Watch: 808TTV E.37 – 12/07/2006

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One Response to “ 808TTV E.37 – Pearl Harbor 65 Years ”

  1. That is really amazing. I can’t believe that it is still leaking oil after 65 years. It is cool to see that because I was just there. It’s kinda funny, I took some of those exact same pictures. Like exactly. Some of them could even be postcard quality. I’ll send them to you in email. Not the exact same ones because you already have them but the other pictures I have from Pearl Harbor and possibily some others from the trip. Aloha

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