808TTV E.44 – Winter At North Shore

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time in Hawaii means and swarms of visitors to the of . Check out some of the huge that came in this past week and remember if you visit the North Shore during winter be sure to obey the signs and warnings from the Division. Let Hawaii-Aloha.com get you the best deal to Hawaii so you can check out the big surf for yourself. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

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Living Legends – Alex Levine

Watch: 808TTV E.44 – 01/05/2007

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One Response to “ 808TTV E.44 – Winter At North Shore ”

  1. It is really cool to see this video because it brings back all the memories of the great time I had at the North Shore. Seeing all the places I visited. I can’t believe all the water in Sharks Cove! Theres no way you could snorkel in that. Theres one part in the video about half way through where your on the beach near the place we stayed. You were probably about a half-mile east of the beach house but thats still pretty close and the beach looks exactly the same. Great video. Mahalo.

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