808TTV E.50 – Hawaiian Sunset

Have you ever seen a over the beautiful ? If you answered no, then this video is for you. We capture a beautiful sunset just off of on and time elapse it for your enjoyment. Watching a on video is great, but letting Hawaii-Aloha.com get you the best deal to Hawaii so you can experience the real soothing relaxtion of a sunset such as this one in person, is priceless! Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Video Length: 02:48 (16.0MB)

BG Music:
Final Finale – Cyrusfx

Watch: 808TTV E.50 – 01/26/2007

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2 Responses to “ 808TTV E.50 – Hawaiian Sunset ”

  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome moment with the world. I hope someday I can travel to Hawaii to see this in person.

    Janet from Memphis, Tenn.

  2. Hey Vernon,
    This video is so awesome! I love Hawaiian sunsets. when I was there, I watched it almost every night. Seeing this reminds me of how awesome my time there was. Thanks

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