808TTV E.68 – Hamadaiko: Waikiki

Watch: Hamadaiko: Waikiki

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This is the second show which features group from , who were taking part in the . In this episode we watch the group as they perform on stage in at the . This group started in with only a few members and now has 35 members ranging in age from 3 to 60+. Join us as we share the sounds of with Hamadaiko. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Hamadaiko: http://sound.jp/hamadaiko
Matsuri In Hawaii: http://www.pan-pacific-festival.com

Video Length: 9:57 (58.6MB)

Watch: 808TTV E.68 – 06/11/2007

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2 Responses to “ 808TTV E.68 – Hamadaiko: Waikiki ”

  1. Do you have more footage of this group (Hamadaiko)? I really enjoy this group and the energy they bring to their performance. I have seen a total of three performances on youtube posted by you. Is it possible if I can purchase the footage (a copy) of their performances?

    Also, the second to the last song, would you know the title?


  2. Hi Garin. Yes I do have more footage of Hamadaiko. Contact me using our email address 808Talk [at] gmail.com and we can talk about the footage and how to get it to you.

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