808TTV E.70 – Sharks Cove Elevator

Come along as we take you down the elevator at on the of the of . Sharks Cove was rated by , July 1996, one of the “Top Twelve Shore Dives in the World”. This small rocky bay forms part of and boasts blue water and an impressive amount of sea life. The bottom is made up of large smooth boulders and coral heads forming small caves and ledges for marine life to hide. The walls of the surrounding cliffs provide calmer water attracting schooling surface fish. On the south side of Sharks Cove is the tide pools; a great place to wade and explore. While going down the elevator can be fun, it is not recommended for the . Caution advised! Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite to get the latest episode of .

Video Length: 3:56 (44.7MB)

BG Music:
Trenched – Cyrusfx

Watch: 808TTV E.70 – 06/19/2007

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One Response to “ 808TTV E.70 – Sharks Cove Elevator ”

  1. Vernon,

    Holy Cow that was NUTS!! The beginning was like the underwater blair witch project. I love snorkeling over there but it must be even better with a tank of air!! What are you using for underwater video?


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