808TTV E.72 – Mighty J: Girls Night Out

Today is a special edition of 808Talk TV which features the newly released from the Hawaii trio . The video is titled “” which is from the Mighty J debut CD ““. If you enjoyed the video and the song, please let the ladies of Mighty J know by visiting their site at www.MightyJMusic.com and while you’re there, go ahead and purchase your very own copy of their new and download the bonus track they have made available for the world. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite to get the latest episode of .

Mighty J: www.MightyJMusic.com
Buy The CD: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/808Talk/message/86
Mighty J Interview: http://www.808talk.com/?p=160

Video Length: 5:02 (55.6MB)

Watch: 808TTV E.72 – 07/04/2007

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