808TTV E.77 – Hawaiian Lunar Eclipse

808TTV E.77 – Hawaiian Lunar Eclipse

Early this morning we finished seeing a spectacular . The area in and around the had probably the best view on and so today we bring you some views of this lunar eclipse from Hawaii. So what is a lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow. You can learn more by reading the Wikipedia on the topic or by visiting the NASA Lunar Eclipse Website. Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite podcatcher.

Video Length: 2:14 (11.7MB)

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Swirlin’ (Dub) – Thick Tubes

Watch: 808TTV E.77 – 08/28/2007

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  1. Wow, great vid! Here ins SoCal I didn’t plan to watch, but since I had to get up around 2:40AM for a nature call I walked out to the den and looked out the window and saw just a sliver of the bottom of the moon still getting sunlight. After about 10 minutes I went back to bed – it really didn’t look real it was so big, and sort of a tan color too…

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