808T E.119 – UH Warrior Football Returns

Its once again that time of year. What time of year? ! Today we discuss yesterdays against at for the and touch briefly on why the operations are currently suspended. Also important news regarding the is mentioned in todays show. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By Darin Leong
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Show Length: 14:28

Listen: 808T E.119 – 09/02/2007 (13.3MB)

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35 Responses to “ 808T E.119 – UH Warrior Football Returns ”

  1. Good lord! The Warriors kicked some butt. Brennan had over 400 yards and 34 of around 40 attempts completed?

    Wowwwwwwww… I wish I could watch these games here..

  2. I just read your blog, That is truly bad news that you need to hang up the microphone after Episode 120 but I understand that it’s got to be alot of work week in and week out.

    I thank you for all your hard work, it’s been a great ride and you’ve made my passion for Hawaii grow 10 fold with the show.

    I’ll never forget where my Hanauma Bay framed photo came from bro.

    Off to listen to the show!


    P.S. I’ll send an email to 808talk@gmail.com to keep in touch in the future.

    Thanks Vernon!

  3. Wow, I didn’t see this one coming.

    I have enjoyed the 808 audio and video shows and more recently the interaction with you, Dr. Trey and Roxanne Darling too — fun stuff.

    I’m kinda burning out on a lot of my podcast viewing/listening – it really doesn’t have anything to do with the quality or content, I’ve just changed.

    Maybe it’s like a restaurant you find. It’s like ‘the’ place to go to, and maybe you go all the time. Then you start to burn out and only visit occasionally, even though the food and service remain good.

    808Talk is a great entry on your resume, you probably learned tons about all things podcasting, and best of all you still are in love with Hawaii – good for you!

    Good luck in all your pursuits.

    Oceans of Aloha!

  4. Yeah I agree, I think Podcast’s as a whole are losing some appeal to listeners as a whole, which could explain people’s needs to be more interactive or they’re taking it for granted… who knows.

    Either way, I know I couldn’t put together 120 shows the way you have. As JF mentioned above you learned alot, i’m sure you’ve met alot of new great people and don’t underestimate the impact you’ve had with your listeners when it comes to Hawaii. Would I have gone up Tantalus if I didn’t hear it on your show? No chance, Gone to the Punchbowl Memorial? Nope, Had Spam Musubi? Nope, (Attempted) to find a Malasada (Unsucessfully)… No…

    So yeah, Get back to doing what’s best for V. Brown, your mission is accomplished. Enjoy Hawaii, and life as a whole without having to worry about putting out a show every week.

    Aloha, and Mahalo for everything.

  5. I recently discovered 808talk and will be sad to see it end. Your content is interesting and informative. I certainly understand how demanding a weekly venue must be. If you decide you miss it, you might consider a monthly or bi-weekly show. I commend you for having your priorities straight, and doing what is best for your personal life.

  6. Vern,

    Truly sad to hear the news of your programs end. It was great having you there to blaze the path for the rest of us Hawai’i podcasters. Thanks as always for your words of wisdom and best of luck to you in whatever you decide to do.

  7. Just wanted to let you know that while I haven’t contacted you before, I’ve really enjoyed listening to your show for the past 2 years. You’ve entertained, educated and helped me get a Hawaii fix while I plug away at my job. I understand your reasons for discontinuing the show, but I hope you realize you will be missed!

    Tricia in Dallas

  8. probably as many other listeners of your show I come from the other side of the globe = in my case its Warsaw/Poland/Europe. You can not imagine how great it was to listen to your Hawaii Talk in the midst of harsh central europe winter…As a radio guy myself I’ve learned a lot from your podcasts – I admire your energy, passion and cool sense of humour.
    We’ll miss you here, man!

  9. So sorry to hear that it’s coming to an end…..
    As I commented in the past, it was great to get the updates
    on a place I love!
    I wish you all the best!

  10. Very sad to hear the news about the show ending. Don’t you think you could just deliver a brief Hawaii topic each week? Even if just 5 minutes or so it would be great! Or maybe try a monthly thing. I totally understand the hard work that you have done for over two years of bringing this show. Been there from the beginning when it was you and Big Daddy. Enjoyed the times when you had other guests on. Can I change your mind about quitting? But really, thanks for all you’ve done V.Brown. I have experienced the aloha and your feelings for Hawaii deeply in every show. Think its my turn to give back some aloha. It’s not much but just sent an aloha donation. Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo…I will miss you!

  11. Will it really quit the podcast? I enjoy so much the events of Hawaii music and you. I have learned about Hawaii and my english has improvement from 808 talk. I want to know what will be next? I really enjoy this podcast. I hope you can continue somehow.

    Ja matte ne! =^.^=

  12. VSB, you know we’ve been buddies for a long time now and I was really shocked to hear the news. Hope you’re doing okay. I know how much you loved doing this every week. Sometimes I wondered why because it must be hard to give up doing things every week just to get a show done. I respect you for your hard work and dedication and for showing the world the true meaning of aloha and giving to others instead of always receiving. I know you’ll do great in whatever you move to next. Keep your head up and always remember those days we had in Italy. Remember? Ha, ha, ha. Hope that cheers you up.

  13. I agree with everyone else that it will be sad to not have my hawaii fix every week. My weekly routine has been to load up my ipod on mondays and then listen to the various show throughout the week. 808talk has been in my routine for the past year and a half and without it my week won’t be complete. Hoping and crossing fingers that you’ll reconsider. Taking a break or even changing the regularity or format would be okay, but hope that you won’t end it for good.

    Aloha – Karen

  14. only been to the website a few times before today and thought I would drop by to let you know how much your show has really meant to me. I live in alabama and have always wanted to take a trip to a beautiful and relaxing place. hawaii may be a little over my budget, but listening to the great things out there and feeling like i’m right there through hawaii 808talk has been the greatest

  15. Don’t give up the fight! Your show is everything that people, like me who has lived in Hawaii before and wants to so much return, need! I enjoy the commentary you provide and the interesting look into things from a visitor turned resident.

  16. As a former resident of Hawaii now living on the mainland, I really enjoyed your weekly updates. I certainly understand that the economics of podcasting are difficult and appreciate your efforts for as long as you were on. You have a very high quality podcast and I hope that your experience with it will prove valuable in your career.

  17. Vernon-

    I am truly sorry to hear that next week will be your last podcast. Yesterday I was speaking to my wife as we were listening to your podcast in the car and I remarked how I envied that you seemed to be successfully carrying out the “next act” in your life, podcasting and living in Hawaii. At least you will be able to continue the “living in Hawaii” piece. Mahalo for the 119 podcasts that obviously were a labor of love. ( I know you’d rather be scuba diving anyway :) ).

  18. I have been listening to your podcasts for the past year. As a new resident to Hawaii your show has really helped me find great activities as well as keep up with whats going on locally. I will certainly miss listening and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors!

  19. V-

    It’s probably too late, but how about doing a couple of podcasts a year? You have invested so much in setting everything up it would be such a waste for you to just stop. I really do enjoy listening to you and it hasn’t gotten stale for me, because you always are enthusiastic. Not to sound too hokey, but your “gee whiz” attitude is refreshing. In any event, good luck to you.

  20. Sorry to hear that the show is ending. All good things must come to an end. I have really enjoyed it through the years. It helped me get though some long treadmill sessions during the cold Chicago winters. Thanks for everything. Aloha.

  21. 808Talk Comment Line (206) 350-2668 Response:


  22. 808Talk Comment Line (206) 350-2668 Response:


  23. Maybe you should turn 808Talk into a blog? It’s a little bit easier to do a blog as compared to a podcast. That way people can still get their Hawaii fix from VBrown himself!! Just something for you to think about.


  24. 808Talk Comment Line (206) 350-2668 Response:


  25. Hate to see you go V.Brown. Hope you’ll reconsider. What will become of http://www.808talk.com and http://www.808talk.tv ?

  26. VB,

    I just wanted to say that I loved the show and I looked forward to listening to it every Sunday. I love Hawaii and unfortunately I can’t live there at this time. I found your show very informative and a link to Hawaii for me. I felt like it kept me in touch with the islands and I hopefully my future home. I am also a former podcaster and I know how it is to put out a show every week so I understand your dilema. I hope that soon someone will put together a show that was as informative and entertaining as your show. Best of luck in your future endevors.

  27. Hey V,
    I’m one of your newer listeners. I just started earlier this year. I love the show, the music and the insight in to Hawaiian life. It make my Monday drive into work so fun. I will deeply miss it. I’ve never been to Hawaii but feel like I have because of your podcast. I even put a link up to the show on my new website. Sorry it has worn you down and caused you to quit.

  28. Hi.

    I am sitting here at 2 am in the UK listening to the latest pod-cast 119 to discover that you are closing the pod-cast. I am sorry to hear that you are closing down. I subscribed via iTunes and never visited the site until today. I even bought Dylan Donkins “Make a Choice” track off iTunes thanks to listening to it first on you pod-cast. You are a great advert for Hawaii, and its artists.

    I am would think that I am like many who download and listen but never respond. Anyway thanks for the pod-casts and good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    Best Wishes

  29. Just want to say thanks for your podcasts, have listened for over 2 years. I will sadly miss your podcasts. Good Luck, aloha and mahalo. Vicki, Sydney Australia

  30. Vern,

    So I just listened to your show today as I was catching up on my podcasts. I couldn’t believe that you’re calling it quits. I then listened to the backlogged Trey shows and got the news there as well. Wow. All I can say is that I wish you the best. I’m sure that it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I’m sure that it’s in your best interests and you’ve gotta take care of the homefront first.

    Let me just say this. Your show, was the ONLY show, that ever made me feel TRULY homesick. I listen to Trey’s and think, man, it’d be fun to be over there and just kick it with everybody, but your show and your show alone made me homesick. That was both good and bad! Really, I think that it just meant that you put out a good show. I know that Trey likes to clown on everybody and that I’m just one voice, but your show will be missed.

    I wish you the best and want to say mahalo a nui loa for all of the support you’ve given me and my music. Truth be told, I would never have thought about putting out a CD and getting out and starting to play gigs if it wasn’t for you folks. I believe that you folks were the first people to play my music, and it was then that I found out that people actually liked it. Many thanks for that and the hours of quality shows that made me homesick. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it out there with my wife this year and we can go eat or something.

    Till next time, Aloha no, me ke Akua e ho’opomaika’i ia oe me kou ohana

  31. 808Talk Comment Line (206) 350-2668 Response:


  32. Hi V, I want to thank you for all the great shows over the past two years.
    I’m not quite sure when I started listening but think it was July of 2005.
    We were planning a trip to Hawaii in March of 2006 and it was so cool to
    hear your shows to get us in the mood. You even gave us some great ideas of
    restaurants and we had a fabulous trip, as always. I don’t think anyone can
    have a bad trip to Hawaii!

    I kept listening even after our trip to keep the aloha spirit with me. I
    will miss your show but can understand that it was a lot of work and you
    deserve to enjoy your free time in paradise also! Good luck and thanks for
    lots of hours of enjoyment!

    I live in Alexandria, Virginia and hope to visit the islands again in a few

    Mahalo and Aloha

  33. @All – Mahalo for the comments, voicemail and email showing your support and Aloha for 808Talk! It is very much appreciated.

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  35. [...] in life we are faced with hard decisions that we never wish to make, but sometimes it becomes unavoidable. Today I announced at 808Talk (Episode 119) that next week show 120 would be the last for me. It has been a long and hard road [...]

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