808TTV E.79 – Hawaii Superferry Woes

808TTV E.79 – Hawaii Superferry Woes

So the is at an all stop. Why? Well many are concerned about the not being accomplished and therefore believe the should be banned from the . In a Judge has issued a restricting the Superferry from traveling there. On the citizens got together and staged an in water protest to block the Superferry using their bodies. One thing that really gets to me is the disregard of towards the local residents. I ask again, where has the Aloha gone? Got problems with Superferry then take it up with them, not your neighbors and fellow . Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite to get the latest episode of .

Hawaii Superferry: www.hawaiisuperferry.com
Keep Da Superferry: http://www.youtube.com/keepdasuperferry

Video Length: 8:33 (97.5MB)

Watch: 808TTV E.79 – 09/12/2007

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2 Responses to “ 808TTV E.79 – Hawaii Superferry Woes ”

  1. First off, I love what you’re doing. I greatly appreciate your informative and entertaining podcasts. I’ve been to Hawaii twice and greatly respect beauty and culture of the islands.

    I thought the superferry was a good thing? Some locals are outraged to the extent of harming humans?! From the islands of love and relaxation, I extend my deepest sympathy’s. I hope all can be resolved in a peaceful and ethical way. Thanks again for the podcasts.

    Chris Chicago

  2. [...] last year when the Hawaii Superferry first set sail and caused so many complaints and confrontations between residents of Oahu, Kauai and Maui? Well [...]

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