808T E.123 – USS Missouri / Mighty MO

One of greatest , the , is moored right here at in beautiful and provides our main topic of discussion in todays show. Current weekly news in as well as some reminiscent instrumental music is also featured to wrap up another great . As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By Darin Leong
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Show Length: 34:13

Listen: 808T E.123 – 09/30/2007 (31.4MB)

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5 Responses to “ 808T E.123 – USS Missouri / Mighty MO ”

  1. Hey VSB, your old sailor buddy here. Just wanted to say great show again. “Anchors Away”!

  2. I missed out on the Missouri both trips… I really wanted to check it out my last time, but missed out. I love WWII history.

    Also Show sounded great, no worries about audio quality in my opinion, and I LOVE that music. What genre is that exactly? That’s my favorite type of music from Hawaii.

    Thanks again for the great show.


  3. Thanks for this show. I really enjoyed it. My family lived on Ford Island back in the early 1980′s when my dad was stationed there (CINCPACFLEET). No bridge, so every day we rode a launch from Ford Island to Makalapa to catch a bus to Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary school, and then my mom would pick us up and take us to Japanese school, and when we were done, we would ride the ferry home…

    Also, my brother is a Super Hornet pilot stationed in Lemoore, CA so I’m with you that the Blue Angels definitely trump the Thunderbirds.

    And, I wouldn’t have known about Extreme Home Makeover in Kalihi Valley if I hadn’t heard about it on one of your previous podcasts, so thanks to you, I did get to catch it on Sunday. It was cool that the crew took their shoes off inside the house, yeah? It was refreshing to see that *despite the Super Ferry debacle* it seems that Aloha still reigns over Hawaii.

  4. @Jason: Aloha my friend, thanks again for stopping by!

    @Jordon: It’s Hawaii Orchestra music which is sort of a traditional Hawaiian Style music from the time period after WWII leading up to statehood.

    @Trudi: I also remember when there was no bridge to Ford Island. It was only completed in 1999 so it’s just under ten years old. Happy to see I have someone in agreement with me on the Blue Angels vs. the Thunderbirds. Naval aviation is the best! Aloha does still reign in Hawaii and always will no matter what. There will of course always be a few who differ from the Aloha of the islands, but overall it is alive and well. So what did you think of the Extreme Makeover Hawaii? Wanted to mention that it was great to see Keali’i Reichel (http://www.kealiireichel.com) featured on the season premiere performing some Hawaiian music. ABC Network provided great exposure for Hawaii and for that I applaud them!

    Keali’i Reichel on iTunes: http://kealiireichel.808talk.com

  5. I appreciated that EHM tried to show some of the breadth and scope of Hawaii. Of course they only had 2 hrs of camera time to show it, but I liked that they didn’t just stay on Oahu the whole time, that they didn’t overplay stereotypical perceptions, and that they touched on the complexity of making a living in paradise. Most importantly, I think viewers were able to catch a glimpse of how people in Hawaii respect and take care of each other. Very cool.

    (Well, I thought the “volcano bed” was kind of silly. But the kid seemed to like it…)

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