808T E.124 – Hawaiian Lei Makers

Looks like a good chance that the will be packing up and leaving the . We discuss the latest on that heated topic and more as well as tell you the best place to find some wonderful on . New today courtesy of so stop in, the , and experience some . As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By Darin Leong
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Show Length: 38:42

Listen: 808T E.124 – 10/07/2007 (35.5MB)

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8 Responses to “ 808T E.124 – Hawaiian Lei Makers ”

  1. Here is the mystery tree that I talked about needing help to identify.
    Mystery tree...what kind is it? Another pic of the mystery tree

  2. I think your tree is a lignumvitae tree. Scientific name Guaiacum officinale.

    Here’s a picture from the UH Botany Department site:

    And info from the USDA Forest Service:

  3. @Trudi: YES! Thats it! Mahalo for helping with the mystery. I really enjoy the tree, but it appears to be having some health problems so I was trying to figure out what it is so I can properly care for it. Once again thank you!

  4. V. – Love your show – listen on my commute to downtown Chicago. I always see discarded leis on the Duke’s statue by Kuhio Beach. What is the significance of leaving a lei here. Thank you. Great show!

  5. @Jim Skelly: Placing leis on the Duke statue is a ritual which both honors and shows the continuing love and remembrance of Duke Kahanamoku. This ritual of lei placing is practiced throughout Hawaii where you can see it on the Kamehameha statues and at places where a loved one has lost their life such as in an untimely accident. Usually the leis on the Duke statue and the Kamehameha statues are removed by city workers where the proper disposal back to mother earth is accomplished.

  6. I still have a Lei I first received once at the airport my first trip out there. I can’t imagine someone just tossing it in a trash can either.

    Last trip out I put it on The Duke.

  7. Just out of curiosity, every time I go back to the mainland, my dad buys me a lei from the airport….but by the time I make it home, the lei is totally wilted and dead :( I know the lei would normally not die that fast, is there a way too keep the lei alive on the plane so I can enjoy it when I make it home???

  8. Lots of tricks in keeping that lei to last longer. The primary means is to refrigerate or keep in a ice packed cooler or some other dark, cool place.

    Lei Care: http://808t.in/k3r

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