808TTV E.80 – Hawaii Guitar: Darin Leong

808TTV E.80 – Hawaii Guitar: Darin Leong

Many of you have heard the great music from , which has been featured and used in the intro portion of our , but have never had the chance to hear a live performance or learn a little about him. Since his first album release back in , Darin has returned back to the and released yet another wonderful album titled – . In todays show we have the great opportunity of sitting down and talking story with Darin and listening to a few samples from his . If you have yet to purchase his album you can find information on where to get it at his website or buy it on . In the meantime we hope you enjoy this wonderful episode filmed at . Be sure and subscribe to 808TTV in iTunes or your favorite to get the latest episode of .

Darin Leong: www.hawaiiguitar.com
Darin Leong On CD Baby: http://phpurl.com/r0
Darin Leong On iTunes: http://darinleong.808talk.com

Video Length: 11:25 (131.5MB)

Watch: 808TTV E.80 – 10/25/2007

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5 Responses to “ 808TTV E.80 – Hawaii Guitar: Darin Leong ”

  1. I love this album. Thanks for doing the interview Vernon. I listen to this album everyday during work. It makes me more productive.

  2. Great music and exactly what I needed to hear today – Thanks V! I think some shopping is in my future too! (grin)

  3. Nice editing Vernon!! I am looking forward to the next shoot. I think I have an idea for the next venue. I think you will agree it’s a cool place.

  4. Vern..good to see you on camera! Great Interview, and wonderful music.

  5. This is an excellent guitar resource. I’m going to go ahead and bookmark it for future use. Thanks!

    Kirk Downings last blog post..the five best beginner acoustic guitar tips

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