808Talk Dec. 4 Update – 7 Days Of Christmas

7 Days of Christmas

again from the cold and wet . Today is another update and will probably be our last before returning back home to . Some noteworthy things to update you on is the news about the becoming the and the acceptance into the where they will play the . Also another reminder about our new comment line (808) 356-0967, which finally begins with an , and an introduction to the holiday album “” by our friends . Remember if you want to follow along with my day to day events you can always create a account and follow me at my user name VBrown. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

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Show Length: 6:32

Listen: 808Talk Dec. 4 Update – 12/04/2007 (6.0MB)

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5 Responses to “ 808Talk Dec. 4 Update – 7 Days Of Christmas ”

  1. Thanks Vernon, Cold and Wet? Come 10 hours East and a tad north and I’ll show you cold. lol But the ice rinks are frozen so as a Canadian I can’t complain.

    Really excited for UH aswell, i’ve watched their season at the Advertiser’s website. Pretty amazing feat.

    Also hopefully the storms in Hawaii subside by the time you head back.


  2. We’re hoping The Warriors will ROCK the Superdome!!!

    Thanks for the podcasts even when you were out of town. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays. Have you elfed yourself yet? (www.elfyourself.com)

  3. Too bad Colt didn’t win the Heisman. Vernon do you think he’ll be an NFL player? I think he’s somewhat small in stature for the NFL but obviously I hope he get’s a chance.

    If not, i’ll hope he ends up in Calgary in the CFL as a Pro.

  4. @Trudi : Yes, it’s going to be one big party at the Superdome. I’m just sad I can’t be there. I did elf myself last year, but not yet this year.

    @Jordon: I made it up to Victoria during my Seattle stay and it was a little cold, but I know it’s much colder in other places up there. It is sad that Colt didn’t win the Heisman, but it was a good experience and a lot of exposure for Hawaii and for the WAC Conference so in a way he paved the future for the program. I do think he can be an NFL player and I’m hoping the St. Louis Rams pick him up (my hometown team), since they are hurting right now for a QB. If he doesn’t make it in the NFL, then he will most likely be in the CFL just like Timmy Chang who was the previous UH QB and now plays for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL.

  5. Victoria is nice, but that’s not cold ;) Well compared to to Hawaii for sure. Even when I came home in an August it was Freezing, and it was probably 70F here in Calgary.

    Yeah, obviously I hope Colt can make the NFL but it’d be a waste for him to hold a clip board for 3 years, when he could be a star player in the CFL. I do remember watching Timmy Chang one game during the summer, I think he actually played his first game here in Calgary against The Stampeders. So that was cool.

    Looking forward to a Holiday podcast once you get settled back into paradise.


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