808T E.128 – Happy SUGAR New BOWL Year

So is at an end and its time for a brand ! First we wanted to say its great to be back and second ! Now on to the show…today we feature a and introduce a brand new artist who is not only from , but also serving on the in with the . Also many asked before if they could get music from on and today we say YES! Wishing everyone a and much happiness to come. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful listeners so be sure and leave us a comment.

Intro Music By Darin Leong
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Show Length: 26:37

Listen: 808T E.128 – 12/31/2007 (24.4MB)

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5 Responses to “ 808T E.128 – Happy SUGAR New BOWL Year ”

  1. This is really painful, 38-3 at the moment. I feel awful for UH but it’s like watching a CFL team play a NFL team right now.

    But really, being in the Sugarbowl is just icing on the cake for Hawaii.

    UH fans have nothing to be dissapointed about this year.

  2. @Jordon – I totally agree. Even though they won’t win the Sugar Bowl they still did an amazing job for the state of Hawaii. The Warriors will still be Hawaii’s Champs!

    What could have been…

  3. Good to see Graunke throw a TD there. Will he be back at UH next year?

    That cover is great!

    Good luck to Colt in his future and to The Warriors next year! It’s been fun to watch from afar, this is actually the first game i’ve seen televised but we may move to Arizona in August so I might be able to travel to see them play in SW Mainland U.S.

    Aloha, and thanks for the show. Going to give it a listen tonite.


  4. Happy New Year V! Bet it feels great to be back home.

  5. Not really into football, but I was very surprised to hear about Hawaii getting some attention this year. Recently heard they lost their head coach? Is that true? Hope all is good for them next year. Thanks again for delivering these Hawaii podcast. The music in this show was wonderful. Look forward to your next show.


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