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Mobi PCS

Whether you live here in Hawaii or just plan to visit for a month or two, you might be interested in what type of options you have for getting a cell phone to stay in touch with family and friends. Until now, you really had limited options and had to pay expensive rental fees or get a cellular plan that required you to charge up your phone with credit, just so it could be depleted again for each minute you talked or for each text you sent or received. Now comes along Mobi PCS who has changed all that. Why you say? Well picture this, what if you could just choose a phone you liked, pay a one time fee for the phone and then sign up for an unlimited plan that runs on average around $50 USD and requires no contract. You could call anyone in the U.S. and even customize your plan with several add-ons. Would you go for that? I sure would. Wish this was around a few years ago, but good news is that it’s now here and if you need a phone while visiting the Hawaiian Islands be sure and consider stopping in at one of several Mobi PCS locations throughout Hawaii.

Clear, honest, straightforward = good. Counting minutes, overage charges, contracts = bad. It’s as simple as that.

At Mobi PCS, all our plans are unlimited and everything is out in the open. That way, you know what you’re getting–and for exactly how much. And because you pay as you go, there’s no commitment to worry about.

Welcome to a better way of talking…

Mobi PCS:

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