GO! And Hawaiian To Help Aloha Ticket Holders

GO! Hawaiian Aloha

The recent shutdown of Aloha Airlines is causing passenger inconveniences and disruptions in travel plans to both Interisland and West Coast travel. The remaining two major local airlines GO! and Hawaiian are trying their best to accommodate Aloha Airlines ticket holders by offering discounted fares and standby, space available, for no fee on the date of original travel. If you are an Aloha Airlines ticket holder, be sure and contact the travel agent you originally purchased your tickets from and/or visit GO! Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines to learn more about the special accommodations they are providing for an additional time to Aloha customers. In addition GO! Airlines plans to increase Interisland service today (Wednesday April 2, 2008) to meet the demand left by the shutdown of Aloha Airlines.

More details:

GO! Airlines: http://www.iflygo.com
Hawaiian Airlines: http://www.hawaiianair.com

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