ALOHA Will Always Be In The Islands

Aloha Airlines has always been my preferred interisland carrier and has taken me on every trip to the outer islands and several trips to the West Coast since my moving to Hawaii over ten years ago. It is sad to see the local airline with the best customer service and friendliest staff, in my opinion, to have to call it quits.

Here’s a wonderful video put together by the Aloha Ohana which shows just a small sample of the friendly smiles that local residents have had the pleasure of experiencing for the past 61 years here in the islands.

Although Aloha Airlines the company will be gone, the Aloha shared by each and every employee will continue on through the memories of those who enjoyed the ride.

July 26, 1946 – March 31, 2008

Aloha Airlines Tribute Videos:

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3 Responses to “ ALOHA Will Always Be In The Islands ”

  1. thank you for sharing the Aloha Airlines video…so many good people and a company with such a wonderful legacy!

  2. This video brings back so many great memories of Aloha and its Ohana. There will never be an airline or company like Aloha…..Much mahalos to all those who put this video together. The legacy of Aloha Airlines and its employees will forever be remembered by many.

  3. terrific. really miss the job/people/place/hanger just everything Mahalo Nui to All RB

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