808T E.131 – The Power Of Hawaiian Goddess Pele

Hawaiian Goddess Pele

The Hawaiian Goddess Pele continues to show her magnificent power on the Big Island of Hawaii by creating new land daily and covering the skies over Hawaii with massive vog. If you’re visiting Hawaii soon, then you’ll want to listen in as Hawaii Lisa gives us the latest updates straight from the source. Also recent news affecting interisland and west coast travel to and from Hawaii and the rising price of gas is showing significant hurt to island residents and the economy. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful 808Talk listeners so be sure and leave us a comment below.

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Show Length: 27:37

Listen: 808T E.131 – 04/13/2008 (25.4MB)

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10 Responses to “ 808T E.131 – The Power Of Hawaiian Goddess Pele ”

  1. Great Show Vernon! Good to hear you back spreading the aloha spirit all the way over here in Seattle via your podcast.

  2. Nice to hear you back V! Amazing what mother nature or in this case Pele is capable of doing.

  3. Hey partner thanks for another great show. Awesome music too.

  4. Thanks for continuing to listen to the show. Don’t forget to get the new CD “Hear Me Roar” from J Boog: http://jboog.808talk.com

  5. Thank you for a great podcast! Nice to listen to hear in Hillsboro, Oregon! Counting down the months until we set feet back on the Big Isle!

    Can you send me the link for the Over The Rainbow Song please?


  6. @Rebecca: Thanks for stopping by! Here’s the link to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” http://phpurl.com/a8. I’ll shoot you an email with it as well.


  7. Thanks for keeping me updated on things happening in the islands. I miss Oahu a lot and 808Talk gives me the chance to experience the Aloha of the islands. Keep up the great work and I really appreciate your efforts V Brown.


  8. @Darryl: Aloha! Thanks for dropping us a comment. It’s always nice to hear how we help to bring back memories and keep people connected to the islands. Hope your travels can bring you back someday, until then we’ll try our best to keep that island spirit flowing to you and the many others throughout the world.


  9. Aloha. I finally got a chance to catch up with your amazing new mega site. It’s AWESOME!!! We appreciate you out here. Good news about Colt, and I think you definitely have Kobe beat on the monster truck stunt…

  10. @Trudi: Long time since you stopped by! Thanks for the compliment and yes I like to think I out did Kobe too…ha, ha, ha.

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