Lil’ Aloha Babies Waves ‘n Wonders DVD For Children

Lil’ Aloha Babies Waves ‘n Wonders, the first DVD in a new series of educational and entertaining videos from Local Girl Productions, is the perfect way to teach your children about the beauty and culture of Hawaii. This unique and well produced Hawaiian adventure will take your child on a virtual tour of Hawaii by exposing them to the beautiful marine life contained in the surrounding ocean, introducing them to award winning original Hawaiian music by some of the industry’s top Hawaiian musical artists and teaching them new words in both English and Hawaiian. It’s the perfect introduction to cultural awareness at a young age!

Interactive for both parents and children, Waves ‘n Wonders uses a mix of colorful wildlife images, toys, and soothing music to captivate young children and keep them entertained. Just put this DVD on play and you’ll notice how your child is taken away to the islands of Aloha as they get lost in the experience. You might even catch them dancing to the wonderful music and when it’s over don’t be surprised if you hear them say “play it again.”

Waves ‘n Wonders is designed for children 0-4 years of age and retails for $18.99, which is a small price to pay for a wonderful cultural and educational experience for your children. To learn more about Lil’ Aloha Babies and purchase your very own copy of Waves ‘n Wonders be sure and visit them online at

Click Here To Purchase Lil' Aloha Babies Waves 'n Wonders

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