Jake Kongaika a.k.a. Cubworld Back In The Islands

Jake Kongaika a.k.a. Cubworld is back in the islands again for a week of activities to further promote his music to island listeners. On Sunday he started it off with an appearance on the DoctorTrey.com podcast where he performed an on the spot EXCLUSIVE track he called “Feel The Breeze” and another track titled “Wise Words” which is from his album “Step Lightly Create Out Loud”, an album that became a reality after Cubworld became the first ever U.S. based artist to reach the recording budget of $50,000 on SellaBand.com and step into his first “official” recording contract.

Other venues he has lined up for his week in Hawaii include an appearance on the world famous “Beach Walks with Rox”, which he has appeared on in the past, the shooting of a music video in his home town of Laie-Hawaii, and then a concert at BYUH.

Now if you haven’t yet heard his awesome tunes you can find them at several places including iTunes, SellaBand and CDBaby. If you live on Oahu or plan to be in town this Friday May 23rd, check him out LIVE at his concert at BYUH which kicks off at 7:30pm. For more info on Cubworld be sure and check out all the links below.

Oh and one last thing, he is also scheduled to appear on 808Talk…when you say? RIGHT NOW! Ha, ha, ha…your reading about him here on 808Talk right! Jake if your reading this thanks for creating some awesome tunes and hope you get to “Kick It In The Dressing Room” again someday soon! Aloha…

Jake Kongaika a.k.a. Cubworld
Cubworld on MySpace
Cubworld LIVE @ BYUH – Friday May 23rd, 2008

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3 Responses to “ Jake Kongaika a.k.a. Cubworld Back In The Islands ”

  1. Hey V Brown, awesome to meet you the other day and thanks a lot for posting this info on me and the shows. Thanks for the local support. Aloha

  2. @Jake: Thanks for stopping by and was nice to meet you too! Hope the show went well…did you get any pics or video from the show? I’ll stop over and check out your site or MySpace.


  3. Yea i just got some pictures they are up on my myspace but im waiting on full footage of the show. The show went real well and i should be putting together another contract to return and do more colleges. I’m real stoked about that. Thanks again man. Aloha

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