Mariah Carey And Husband Nick Cannon In Hawaii

Mariah Carey and new husband Nick Cannon landed in Hawaii yesterday to start work on Mariah’s next music video for the single “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.”

The couple who recently married in the Bahamas arrived in the islands after a stop off in Japan for the MTV VMA’s last week where she received the “Video Vanguard” award.

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21 Responses to “ Mariah Carey And Husband Nick Cannon In Hawaii ”

  1. wheres the video being shot at?

  2. @Laura: The exact location is being kept hush, hush for now…I’m currently seeking that out so I’ll post back here if discovered. I did find out that the director is Chris Applebaum, who is the same guy who did Rihanna – “Umbrella”

    Rapper T.I. is also lurking in da 808 for a scheduled appearance in the music video as well!

    Full Wiki: I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time

  3. Yeah, very hush, hush! I know that T.I. will be staying at The Kahala Hotel and shes at a house in the near by area!

  4. we shot her today on the North Shore , “Sunset” filming the video >>>>>> you all missed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! all righttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!

  5. @Laura: Awesome…get any pics?

    @Joe: You working with the production crew on the video or just doing some freelance shooting…or? Get any pics or video?

  6. I was eating at the kahala hotel plumeria restarant, and i saw the director Chris there too. thx to all your info, i googled the pic and it was him. plus i heard his friend say Bye Chris. Now if only TI came down too. hehehe. Sidenote, Herman Frasier was eating there too. I thought he left the island already.

  7. no pics of T.I. yet, i heard hes not checking into the hotel untill sometime today. so that must mean theres still more shooting to do!

  8. @Laura: Cool, if you do get any pics and post them online, could you post a link to your page here for everyone to check out? That would be totally awesome! Thanks again for the info. Looks like all the details are coming together. Mahalo!

    Can’t wait to see the video!

  9. @Ken: Joe who mentioned above that she was over on the North Shore might know more about the locations of the video. I heard that parts are going to be in China Town too, but not sure.

  10. found some more info. dang, i even heard chris applebaum mention something about the waterpark.

    June 08

    Mariah Carey had a busy day. After keeping her production crew waiting some four hours she finally arrived in Portlock from her Lanikai estate to shoot part of her music video shoot at a cliffside home. Problem is she had a personal trailer waiting for her at the elementary school in Koko Head where she was to have her hair, makeup and costuming done. But the diva’s people had the supplies sent to the multi-million dollar home instead where she was made up. After the filming Carey was whisked to Hawaiian Waters Adventures Park for another shoot. Tomorrow is another filming reportedly with heavy security. Husband Nick Cannon arrived Saturday evening on a flight from Los Angeles. According to sources, Carey for her video is singing “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time” from her new album E=MC² CD as part of a promotion. The video is being directed by Chris Applebaum.

  11. @Eric: Awesome! Thanks for the update…great info! Hopefully we’ll get some pics from the video shoot soon.

  12. That site says she’s only shooting 2 days, which is the typical shooting time for a video. but i’m hoping it’s longer since it’s outdoor shooting and we run on hawaiian time. hehehe. funny thing how this all started for me, i saw a girl walking in the kahala hotel lobby with these folders that said MARIAH CAREY on the front, and i remembered she was shooting a video here. so she went to the restaurant where i was eating at, and that’s how i saw chris applebaum. i must go to kahala more often!

    side note, dr. dre is recording his album on maui

  13. Does anyone know if she really is shooting in china town today?

  14. @Ken: Mahalo for the pics link! Haven’t found any confirmation on the China Town rumor. Hope someone else out there can chime in.

    @Eric: Thanks for the article link. Had no idea Dr. Dre was in Hawaii recording his album. Mahalo!

  15. you can all go to and find some pics of her with nick at the shoot.

  16. Thx ken for the pics. Looks like the waterpark to me, but i only been there once. other interesting info is that the guy in the gray shirt in the front with the CREW tag looks like the director. anyone agrees?

    pic of the director

    also the blue umbrella is from halekulani. well i figure they either stayed there or kahala. maybe it’s just the crew that is at halekulani.

    more side notes, colbie caillat mentioned she is filming a music video too on kauai, but that might have been done already since that was last week.

  17. @Ken: Thanks again! I also noticed the light blue umbrella she’s holding says Halekulani as Eric mentioned, which is the hotel in Waikiki. So were they doing part of the shoot down there or it was just some random umbrella someone had maybe?


  18. Where’s she now?

  19. I know what you mean Ken. I actually was near Kahala today so I decided to check out the hotel. I don’t know if it is just summer or if everyone was flocking there based on off chance Mariah might be there, but the Kahala beach park parking lot was packed. So that was a no go. Well, keep me posted and I’ll do the same.

  20. the whole crew is staying at the kahala. i think the director chris applebaum checked out yesterday. the rest or the crew checks out friday or sat.

  21. Check out the music video from this shoot – Mariah Carey Music Video Shot In Hawaii

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