808TTV E.84 – CANstruction Honolulu 08

The 3rd Annual Honolulu CANstruction Design/Build Competition was held on Saturday, August 23 from 8:00am – 2:00 pm at Pearlridge Mall, Uptown. This was an exciting six-hour competition led by AIA Architects, design professionals and engineers. Five-member teams erected giant, carefully designed structures that were built entirely out of canned food to fit within a “footprint” of eight feet by eight feet, and as tall as eight feet. As they were being built you could see each structure taking on a form and design of its own. The canned food being used for the build as well as the canned food that will be used to cast votes, will benefit the Hawaii Foodbank.

Watch this wonderful 6 hour buildoff compacted in a video less than 8 minutes that showcases the entire build entry from Fung Associates, Inc.

Awards announced for Pearlridge Canstruction competition
Best Use of Labels: “Think Outside of the Can!” [fish] by Fung Associates

More about CANstruction Honolulu

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Fung Associates, Inc.: www.funghawaii.com
Abudtone: www.abudtone.de.am (Podsafe Music Network)

Video Length: 6:58 (79.6MB)

Watch: 808TTV E.84 – 08/25/2008

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