Hawaii Starts To Ban Plastic Bags

Turtle (Hawaii Starting To Ban Plastic Bags)

The “Aloha State” is making good steps in the right direction towards protecting our environment and saving the planet. Hawaii is one of many states finally starting to implement bans on those pesky plastic bags that are hardly biodegradable and most of the time end up blowing around the roads and highways throughout the state.

In Hawaii they also pose a great threat to the ocean wildlife when they find their way into the sea via drains and sewage pipes. Whales, dolphins, seals and turtles die due to plastic bags because they mistake them for food and ingest them.

In the last few days both Maui and the Big Island have implement bans that are set to take effect in the next few years in order to give businesses time to use up their remain plastic bags. After that point, those who do not comply will face fines.

More Info: The Dangers of Plastic Bags Adobe Acrobat

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2 Responses to “ Hawaii Starts To Ban Plastic Bags ”

  1. Great work Hawaii! Hopefully other states will follow the lead. Here in Colorado we haven’t adapted this practice yet, unfortunately.

    OrganicallyTvs last blog post..A humorous and eye opening short film about plastic bags

  2. At KTA grocery store on the Big Island, the store refunds you a nickel for bringing your own bag and filling it with groceries–not much incentive. At Island Naturals in Hilo, the refund is .25

    You only get a refund if your bag is full.

    HawaiiVacationGiftss last blog post..I also Love the Gardenia Candle–My Favorite Scent

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