Hawaii Foods Delivering Nutrition With Aloha

Hawaii Foods Brings Nutrition With Aloha (Hawaii Foods / University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Attention Hawaii food lovers! Have you ever wanted to know what the nutritional values were in the food you eat? Maybe you’re looking to eat a little healthier and wanted to know just how good or bad a certain type of food was. If you answered yes to those questions or perhaps you’re just curious about nutritional values and wanting to start a healthy diet, then we might have just found a great new tool to help you along the way.

This past weekend I was introduced to a great project, started last fall, that’s taking place at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The project, named “Hawaii Foods”, was developed by several members of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) at the University of Hawaii and is a collaboration with the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii (CRCH).

The goal of Hawaii Foods is to assist those in Hawaii in making a healthier choice in the selection of foods in their diet. While there may exist other tools out there to help in making a dietary choice, in Hawaii it sometimes becomes difficult in using those for local foods, due to the wide diversity in the population which leads to a culturally influenced food selection. Hawaii Foods emphasizes on those selections that may not be commonly consumed in other areas of the United States and this is what makes it unique. While it is very helpful to those in the islands, it can also be helpful to others around the world who may want to try some unique foods that are so common to us in Hawaii.

Because the foods eaten in Hawaii reflect the cultural range of its people, this website contains nutrient information on foods typically found in Western, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other “local” diets. It is an evolving resource, as nutrient data, recipes, publications, photos, and other information are continually being added to the databases.

Current options available to help you make healthier dietary choices:

  • Food/Ingredient Search
  • Browse By Food Group
  • My Diet (also known as Pacific Tracker or “PacTrac”) dietary assessment tool
  • Discover Recipes, Publications, Links

Try out Hawaii Foods and start your healthy diet today!

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