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Got Rubbish? Give It A Second Life

Posted By Jasmine Kessell On October 11, 2008 @ 9:48 am In Environment | 1 Comment

Have you ever wondered where all the trash in Hawaii ends up? Well, It isn’t a pretty sight when it comes to the overwhelming amount of rubbish the islands produce. The state is constantly trying to come up with new and innovative ways [1] to deal with the problem, yet there is a serious issue that all the residents complain about that could really help the issue at hand.

With out proper recycling centers in most of Hawaii’s communities, many residents leave perfectly good wares and appliances in hopes that someone in need will pick them up, take them home and put them to good use. Sounds simple enough right? It is actually not as easy as one may think. The way stations employ security guards to make sure nothing gets taken. If you try to remove an item from the dump you are likely to be yelled at or even arrested.

The Big Island has created a recycle center [2], on the Hilo side, where residents can drop re-usable items that will be re-sold by the center’s employees for a sometimes hefty price. A used desk, falling apart, cracks and mold included will sell for $20-$50. Most people “shopping” here cannot afford these kinds of prices. The employees set prices themselves and are not willing to negotiate. Many Big Island residents are in an up-roar about this. They feel everything at the recycle center is someone’s trash and should be free to anyone who needs it.

If Hawaii really needs to take action, when it comes to cleaning up their waste, wouldn’t it seem reasonable to let people freely re-use and recycle the things that have made their way to the dump? As awareness surrounding the issue becomes more mainstream, many people are turning to craigslist [3], a free online classified website, to place adds offering unwanted items for free.

The bottom line is if you leave items at the dump hoping someone will “score” it, you are wrong. If you care about the environment and really want to make a difference, take a few extra minutes to offer the item to someone for FREE. It really helps and it will save you an extra trip to the dump!

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