Oahu’s Hip Cup of Joe: Glazer’s Coffee, Moili’ili

Glazer's Coffee (Flickr ©JPhilipson)

Glazer’s Coffee Shop is one of those places where cool people congregate and just chill a while. When I walked in, every single table sported an open laptop, sometimes two—Battleship-style—partaking of the free wi-fi. I say, if you want to be a popular java stop, you better have free wi-fi. And being right near U of H doesn’t hurt either.

The roast, which the barista said was from a company called Midnight Blues Espresso, was nice and smooth. She assured me the coffee was locally roasted, but I didn’t recognize the brand. Whatever the roast, it was a perfectly smooth antidote to the over-roasted, burned flavors you get from some chain coffeehouses (that shall remain nameless). The menu was simple, just your straight coffees and espressos, and a modest selection of baked goods. The iced coffee I ordered was so good, it was only five seconds before I’d finished it, and the sugar cookie with frosting suffered the same fate.

But what really sells Glazers is that it’s a really swanky place to see and be seen. Art by a local artist and a funky photo collage hang on the brightly painted walls. There are a LOT of college-types everywhere. In fact, an oldish guy reading about L. Ron Hubbard was the only non-coed in the place, identifiable by his lack of hardbound textbooks and/or earnest conversations about philosophy. I say: viva la college hangout!

Photo: JPhilipson

Glazers is open 7 days a week, and is located at 2700 King St., Honolulu
Visit their website at www.glazerscoffee.com

Glazer’s Coffee’s Photostream

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4 Responses to “ Oahu’s Hip Cup of Joe: Glazer’s Coffee, Moili’ili ”

  1. Yeah Glazer’s definitely is the most awesome place in the world! :-)

  2. We love Glazer’s. Lot’s of awesome pics there, but you need the one of Sam with a cigarette outside outside !

  3. I love a good cup of coffee! Nice vivid pictures!

  4. Hey you coffee lovers,

    The midnight blues espresso is alive, and you can enjoy great espresso or latte inside the tree house cafe in the international market place in Waikiki.
    stop by and try us!

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