Oahu’s Best Beaches: Ko Olina Lagoons

J.W. Marriott Ihilani at Ko Olina (Flickr ©skyseeker)

Nestled on the property of the ritzy J.W. Marriott Ihilani at Ko Olina is a secret: their four secluded lagoons open to the public. Perfect surf, little thatched huts and a fantastic view of the ocean and resort grounds make this a fantastic destination for a lazy day.

For Kama’aina, the location makes you feel a little like you’re on vacation right at home. Visitors to our islands can catch a nice view of the western side of the island and enjoy the resort without having to pay the steep prices. I’d suggest dining at Azul restaurant in the main hotel, or take in the Paradise Cove Luau, also located right at the resort. Sit on the beach a spell, then head over to gorge yourself. Life just doesn’t get better.

The four manmade lagoons are mostly sheltered from rough surf making it perfect for everyone, keiki included. Swimming here is also easy because the Marriott folks have nicely cleared away all sharp volcanic rock from the ocean floor. Snorkeling near the rocks can be good–I’ve seen honu and lots of cool fish. No sharks, thank goodness.

One note: the parking is notoriously slim. I’d suggest getting there early or late (after 4 p.m.) in order to snag a spot. Also, immediately before the first lagoon is a large parking lot, but only the back is open to the public.

For directions to the resort, visit the resort website at http://www.koolina.com

Ko Olina by mcrjordillas

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  1. My favorite place to do portraits:

  2. Ko olina lagoons are nice, but man made. id prefer almost any other oahu beach compared to these man made…

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