Cheap Eats: Maui Mike’s Chicken Will Make You Crow

Maui Mikes Fire Roasted Chicken (Flickr ©ronctemp)

The best food happens in the most unlikely of places. Take Maui Mike’s roast chicken, for example. I’ll drive all the way to the tiny central Oahu town of Wahiawa for no reason other than the promise of moist chicken and the best french fries in Hawaii.

What makes this place so ono is its simplicity: every item on the tiny menu is done up perfectly. You’ve got roast chicken with a choice of sides and six dipping sauces, plus two sandwiches–a barbeque bacon melt and a honey mustard and cheese–great for the dine-and-dash crowd from nearby Schofield Barracks. And there’s nothing over $10, and even a ten spot literally buys you the whole chicken.

I always take a number and sit down so I can eat with my hands. I can’t miss out on that skin, which is rubbed with spices and served perfectly–crisp but not too crisp. It’s so good I can’t stop myself from sucking on bones and licking my fingers in public.

Get the half or quarter chicken with fries and the Lava Hot and Honey Mustard dipping sauces (you get a choice of two with each order). Although the dipping sauces rock, the chicken is so moist you’ll probably forget to use it while you’re diving in.

Cooler still is the Maui Mike’s vibe. It’s a tiny place, always packed. They have only a few bench tables so you’ll most likely enjoy your lunch alongside perfect strangers. It’s chicken and Aloha. Who can complain?

Check out Maui Mike’s at 96 Kamehameha Hwy, Wahiawa or visit

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