Drink Away Black Friday Blues at Oahu Wine Shop

Drink Away Black Friday Blues at Oahu Wine Shop (Victoria Wiseman)

If you’re anything like me, the happy coma inspired by Thanksgiving is interrupted by nightmares. Specifically, nightmares of the Christmas shopping I’ll be forced to do the next day. The crowds! The footlong Christmas list! The traffic!

Take the edge off Friday’s frazzled nerves with a nice glass of wine. Or two. Maybe buy a bottle.

Wine By Numbers in Waipio Gentry is having a special all day wine tasting on Black Friday that includes a range of reds, whites and (gasp!) a tequila. Hooray for the hard stuff!

Owners Dawn and Clint Gomes’ swank little store is a nice antidote to the snooty small wine shops you may have wandered into in the past. Each wine is rated on a numerical scale between one and six by taste profile. A one is “bone dry” and a six is “nectar sweet.” I’m a two. My sister is a five, “very sweet and very fruity.” That is NOT a commentary on her mental state.

Knowing my number makes it easy to try new wines without fear. Plus, the Wine by Numbers staff is very helpful and approachable, so they’ll guide you to something you’ll like, in a reasonable price range.

The shop has tastings every Friday and Saturday so don’t fret if you miss this one. The one I attended was like an episode of Cheers. Regular customers joked with the owners and commented on my wine selections, recommending some of their favorites. I spent an hour, no joke.

So get out there and shop. Then have a little nip. You deserve it!

Wine by Numbers, 94-1235 Ka Uka Blvd., Unit B, Waipahuwww.winebynumbers.com
Open Saturday – Friday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sundays until 7p.m.

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