Honolulu Zoo Tiger Cubs Make Public Debut

Honolulu Zoo Tiger Cubs (Flickr ©808Talk)

The beautiful Sumatran Tigers that were born at the Honolulu Zoo on September 15th of this year made their first public debut today.

The three males named Malosi, Keahi and Tondi are the cubs of Sumatran Tigers Chrissie (mother) and Berani (father). These were the first tiger cubs born at the Honolulu Zoo since a pair of Bengal-Siberian hybrids named Tex and Marybell produced a litter of five cubs on April 27th 1981. Of that litter of five, two were stillborn, another died shortly after birth, and the remaining two, a male and female, where sent off to other zoos.

We are happy to give this early Christmas present to the people of Honolulu and visitors to our city

-Mayor Mufi Hannemann

Sumatran Tigers – Honolulu Zoo

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