Aloha 2009

Aloha (Flickr ©Hyokano)

Aloha to 2009! I hope I can be one of the first to wish you a Happy New Year – Hau’oli Makahiki Hou – Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!

Yesterday we FINALLY got rid of 2008 and stepped head first into what I KNOW will be a promising New Year! The many events of 08 were not all that wonderful, but the friends we made along the way were most excellent and for that we are thankful.

So now that we have stepped into 2009, what next? Well yesterday we sort of stumbled into the theme for the year and that is Aloha! What started off as a way to document the island happenings throughout the New Year Eve events actually turned into what we are going to call the Aloha09 Project! So what is the Aloha09 Project? Well it’s a way to spread the Aloha and show the world what it’s really all about and what Hawaii is all about. Sort of like our own engaging campaign to prove why Hawaii should be your place to visit and enjoy, because we have so much beauty, friendly people, and Aloha!

How can you get in on the Aloha09 Project? Simple! If you’re on Twitter, then just hashtag any tweet of Aloha with #aloha09 so that it passes it on throughout Twitter. And if you’re not on Twitter, then Join The Conversation! You can also help by tagging aloha09 on your blog or website during any post where you wish to spread the aloha. Sounds simple right? Because it is…and we aim to show the power of Hawaii and the aloha it brings.

You can follow along with the stream of #aloha09 or add @aloha09 on Twitter for starts. Then make it a goal to tweet at least one #aloha09 everyday and spread the joy. Special mahalo to @NathanKam for creating the hashtag and for all the people in Hawaii and around the world who participated in the NYE event which helped trend us to #2 on Twitter!

We hope your 2009 is a year to remember and most of all we hope you experience, enjoy, and spread the aloha around the world!

The Aloha Spirit

The Aloha09 Project now has it’s own page:

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13 Responses to “ Aloha 2009 ”

  1. This is awesome! I’m all about promoting Aloha! I look forward to seeing where this project goes, it’s only Day #1 skies the limit!

  2. Mahalo nui loa for taking off with this RIGHT away!!! Def going to ride this wave and spread the Aloha

    Crystals last blog post..CrystalClear: Uh-oh my eyes were wayyy biggr than my tummy.

  3. Hey Vernon! It was so much fun bringing in the New Year on Twitter with you and other Hawaii tweeps. I love being part of this community and this Aloha09 Project is a great way to share what this community is about.

    Frans last blog post..FranMagbual: @THE_REAL_SHAQ Obviously your Twitter peeps didn’t get a vote!

  4. Mahalo @Neenz @Crystal and @Fran!

    Aloha09 now has it’s own page!

  5. That was a fun New Year’s Eve! I’ll keep an eye out for #aloha09 as I add it to my positive stories and posts about Hawaii this year.


  6. @Billso “Well said!”

  7. Great start to a New Year. This is going to be awesome. Mahalo!!

    Thom Robinsons last blog post..Things I Learned in 2008 – Happy New Year Edition – 12/31/08

  8. @Thom Oh yeah! 2009 is going to be one GREAT year! Thanks for your support of Aloha09…

  9. This is such a cool idea, and I’m really excited about contributing to this project. Our next trip to Maui is in 6 weeks and we can’t wait.

    Even though my wife and I don’t live in Hawaii (yet), we think about all our memories of Maui everyday and have been sharing the magic of Maui with our website, blog and photos for over a year now.

    Mahalo for putting all this together.

    Kriss last blog post..Joining the Aloha09 Project

  10. Great aloha idea (so smart ;)

    Please count me in! :


    A Maui Blogs last blog post..Aloha Friday: Activity other Than TV or Computer or Wii

  11. @Kris @Liza We are SO HAPPY to have you both onboard the Aloha09 project! It’s all about the aloha…spread it everyday online and IRL (in real life)


  12. Da808 is down with Aloha 09

  13. Still spreading the aloha and still see #aloha09 here and there, especially on Twitter. Keep up the Aloha!

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