808Talk Mar. 15 Update

Aloha all, just a phoned in podcast today to give you some updates from 808Talk world. I’m currently on a trip away from the beautiful islands and should be back in about 3-6 weeks if all goes well. Just wanted to fill you in on a few things and also remind you that there are many archived 808Talk audio episodes available as well as archived 808Talk video episodes here on the website. Also if you’re in Asia and want to hook up and show me around while I’m in town then be sure and send me an email or call me up on the comment line. As always, remember we love to hear from our wonderful 808Talk listeners so be sure and leave us a comment below.

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Show Length: 6:44

Listen: 808Talk Mar. 15 Update – 03/15/2009 (3.0MB)

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One Response to “ 808Talk Mar. 15 Update ”

  1. Thank you V. Brown for your unwaivering commitment to the 808 Podcast. I am a loyal listener from Ohio. I listen to each episode and afterwards always feel uplifted with the Aloha spirit you so seemlessly cultivate and interject into every show. In this light, I’d like to suggest in addition to checking archived shows, other eager 808 listeners can also check out another great podcast Girl Meets Girl hosted by Siena Lee and Toast Tajiri http://makena.libsyn.com/

    I know these two have appeared on the 808 podcast as the musical group Makena (archive episode 127 meet Darin Leong) and are doing a great job of creating or extending a listener ohana like this one at 808 Talk.

    many wishes for your safe and swift return.


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