808TTV E.89 – Wailua Falls

Today I get to show you one of the beautiful falls on my favorite island of Kauai.

Wailua Falls is a 83-foot waterfall located in Kauai, Hawaii that feeds into the Wailua River. There is a path to the bottom of the falls, but it is muddy, slippery and dangerous. Some hikers have strung ropes along the path, but officials come by every so often and cut them. In ancient times, Hawaiian men would jump from the top of the falls to prove their manhood. There is another waterfall nearby named ‘Opaeka’a Falls.

The Wailua Falls were featured on the opening credits of the television show Fantasy Island, which is why some refer to them as the “Fantasy Island Falls.”

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Video Length: 02:14 (15.6MB)
Location: Wailua Falls – Kauai, Hawaii Map

Watch: 808TTV E.89 – 05/28/2009
YouTube: 808Talk Hawaii: Wailua Falls

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