WIN A Custom Built Home In Beautiful Hawaii

WIN A Free Home In Beautiful Hawaii

We all know that the economy and recession are hot topics in today’s news, but what if in these hard times you could simply come out on top and win a beautiful home on the Big Island of Hawaii for just $101 and a few well thought out sentences. Think its a fantasy or an untouchable dream? Sheri and John think not!

Sheri Smith and John Williams, a couple from California, who now live in Hawaii, have come up with a unique, pro-active way to “sell” their one-of-a-kind 1,300 square-foot custom, never-before-lived-in home in a depressed real estate market – they are offering it as the GRAND PRIZE in an essay contest.

Smith and Williams, as LLC, are sponsoring Essay 101, a contest of skill, where anyone (21 years old or older) can write a short essay (101 words or less) and, for a $101 entry fee, get a chance to win a brand new, custom built home on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The contest is open worldwide, however essays must be submitted in English, and must be the entrant’s original work. 101 finalists will be chosen and then judged by community leaders.

The home (affectionately called the “Sweetheart Cottage” due to its many design details) was built by Williams, a local builder, with the goal of selling it immediately and using the proceeds to finish construction of his castle (, a future vacation rental or bed and breakfast.

Due to the recession, real estate sales are down and thus, this fun and exciting vehicle was created. Contest entries will be made online at, although postal mail entries will also be accepted. Local schools in Puna to benefit by donation from the sponsor as well.

Essay 102 is also in the works (with two spectacular homes to choose from) and they hope to write an e-book to share their method with others to try to turn around the economy, one house at a time.

Oh and if you’re a social networking guru, then you TOO can also win a lovely prize of a one week stay at “The Castle” just for telling others about this amazing contest!

Note: Contest deadline of May 1st, 2009 has been extended to August 11th, 2009

Contest Details

This is a contest of skill and will be judged by an impartial panel of judges picked from local community leaders. Your original essay must be 101 words or less. NO profanity, sexual or political rants – keep the writing within the bounds of good taste or your entry will be disqualified.

You may choose a subject from the following two:

What does Aloha mean to you? How do you share Aloha? How would you share Aloha if you won this home?

What makes you feel thankful? Why would you be thankful to win this home? How would you show gratitude if you won this home?

If you don’t live in Hawaii and these two words are not familiar to you – then this is a great chance to learn about the spirit of the islands.

All entries will be judged as follows:

Creativity                                 50%
Persuasiveness                          30%
Grammar/English/Punctuation  20%
Each of the categories (creativity, persuasiveness, etc.) will be judged on a scale of one to ten, ten being best. Then the total score will be tallied and 101 finalists chosen.

The Grand Prize is a never-before-lived-in, custom home nestled in an enchanted forest with singing frogs. The home is just a mile and a half from a secluded black sand beach which is home to a pod of dolphins.
Second prize is     $10,000
Third prize is        $5,000

For more details, see: Essay 101 Contest Details

Covered on local KGMB TV morning news show SUNRISE: Couple Find Unique Way to Fund B&B

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11 Responses to “ WIN A Custom Built Home In Beautiful Hawaii ”

  1. Wow. what a great opportunity. The second and third place cash prizes don’t look so bad also.

  2. To me Aloha means a beginning of hopefully a long and meaningful relationship with these beautiful islands. I am sharing my new found aloha knowledge of these fragile ecological ocean and tropical gardens with everyone who will listen. I would love to get involved with the restoration efforts in the island of Kaho’olawe. I beleive living in Hawaii would be helpful in this. Maloha for all the people who have cared enough to preserve the beauty of these islands. I would love to share in this responsibility if I were given a chance to help. Maloha.

  3. @Sharon Very beautiful. You should submit your essay to the contest!

  4. I can haz Oahu pleeeze? ;-)

  5. @ET WIN the house on Big Island, then sellz itz and then you can haz Oahu house :)

  6. @VBrown: You are right!! Why didn’t I think of that!??!?!?!

    ETs last blog post..TEIJ-G: Episode 004 – “ALT vs Eikaiwa”

  7. Wow these house competitions are a great way of dealing with the recession in my view. Actually I’ve found quite a few more online although this is the only one in Hawaii as far as I can tell? features lots in Europe but I get the feeling laws are different in each country. Does anyone know if I can organize this in Dallas?

  8. Our rabbi knows these people and put a link to the contest on chabad website… that’s how i found out about it. At least with their endorsement we can be confident to enter. Isn’t that home unbelievable?

  9. Mahalo. You don’t always have to be thankful for what people do to you. You can be thankful for what others do for other people. In my case I’m thankful for my friend Wes Luke and what he does for the kids on the big island in helping them learn to surf while teaching them about God. Thankfulness doesn’t have to be a selfish act it can be an outward act toward others. If I won this house I would be thankful because it would make me feel accepted for once in my life and that’s something that everybody needs.

  10. Who wouldn’t want a house in Hawaii! seems like an absolute beautiful place to live:)

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